Lumini - Shopping center

Small and big dancers showed their dance skills

Lumini shopping center last Saturday hosted numerous big and small dancers who had demonstrated their dancing skills as part of the Varazdin Dance Open competition.

In front of its parents and numerous visitors to the Lumini center, 260 dancers from various clubs from around the region danced from 9 am to 5 pm, and for their efforts they won numerous medals and cups in the categories ciciban, mini, children, juniors and seniors in all dance styles.

The dance studio Lena from Varaždin, the Crazy Hill Ludbreg dance studio Ludbrega, the Sweet Beat dance group from Koprivnica, the country of happiness from Varaždin, the Dance studio Jump from Koprivnica, and the Scorpio Dance Team from Zagreb, participated in the competition.

Best of the best were senior members of the hip-hop group Mega Star, a member of the Lena Dance Studio, the second place won Divas Stars group from the same dance studio. The third place went in Koprivnica to Dance Studio Jump.

The Princess Star group was named as the best costume designer of the whole competition.

During the competition, there was a battle, that is, the confrontation of dancers who improvised dancing one by one against the other on the song by choosing the jury. 75 fighters of all disciplines applied to the battle, and competed in groups and singles. All the participants, with the applause of the audience, also won medals.

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