Lumini - Shopping center

More than 200 dancers danced in Lumini

The Lumini Shopping Center has one more become a big dance floor! A total of 20 groups participated in the dance competition “Croatia Dance”, and they recieved more than 200 medals and cups. They danced in mini-groups, kids and juniors, and dancers showed their skill in acro, hip-hop, ballet, modern, urban and jazz, solo and in the group.

The dancers from the group Flik Šenkovec with the Avatar dance number were the best, whose choreography was designed by Tatjana Stojiljković and Tijana Tkalčec. The same group also won the second place with the Flamenco dance number and the Best Costume Award.

The third place was won by dancers from the Lena Divas Star dance class, choreographer Lena Radanović.

Particularly interesting part of the program was also a dance battle, that is, the confrontation of the dance skills of small and great dancers of different disciplines, on the song by choosing the jury.

Twisy, Twister playroom mascot, who mingled with small visitors and shared sweet gifts, took a photo alongside the big Red Heart Red Circle to participate in the Valentine’s FOTO Contest and win valuable awards.

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