Lumini - Shopping center

Book September 7th and 8th for the Twister Science Weekend

September 7th and 8th, Lumini Shopping Center and Twister playroom are planning a special Back 2 School Twister Science Weekend program for schoolchildren and young children, for fun and learning!

Twister will transform the central square in the Lumini into a fun science lab where children can participate in interesting workshops, try mini-experiments, color science coloring books, compete in creative games and win Twister monthly cards, free gift vouchers and sweet packets.

Twister Science Weekend also brings a science photo booth with lots of props and fun with mysterious mazes, as well as a mini extracurricular fair!

Bring your kids to a presentation of foreign language schools, music, dance and sports clubs and together choose extracurricular activities that will hone their talents and have fun in their free time!


Društvo naša djeca – September 7th and 8th
Varaždinske mažoretkinje –  September 7th and 8th
Filmsko-kreativni studio Vanima –  September 8th
Plesni studio Stars by Lena –  September 7th and 8th
Nogometna akademija za najmlađe Lumen Varaždin – September 7th
Foreign language school Šimunić –  September 7th and 8th
Foreign language school Žiger  – September 7th and 8th
Helen Doron Learning Center – Varazdin September 7th

Back 2 School weekend in Lumini begins with the education of representatives of the Varaždin Police Department, HAK and the Red Cross City Society, who will teach the gathered how to behave properly in traffic and safely cross the zebra and present a real police motorcycle .

Book September 7th and 8th for great deals and get your students everything they need for the new school year, as well as hanging out with our cops on Saturday at 10am and Twister Science Weekend, which starts at 4pm on both weekends.

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