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Check out the new Ever Clean Litterfree Paws at ZOO City

NEW Ever Clean Litterfree Paws – the best cat sand in its class! Your cat does not need boots. The sand remains where it belongs. ZOO City always takes care of your pets, they want cats happy and cheerful.

For this reason, they present the NEW Ever Clean Litterfree Paws cat sand, which will greatly help both cats and their owners.

It is ideal for kittens and long haired cats because it is made of large granules that reduce the accumulation of sand on paws, resulting in three times cleaner paws and less sand around the house.

Litterfree Paws uses a unique Ever Clean technology that releases fresh scent on paws while using sand in a toilet bowl. In addition, activated charcoal retains and eliminates odor completely.

Large granules contribute to 99.9% dust reduction and easier breathing, allowing fresh and clean air for cats and owners.

Look for it at ZOO CITY store in Lumini!

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