Lumini - Shopping center

Homemade produce and pumpkins marked the weekend in Lumini

The aromas of home-made meat delicacies, Neretva mandarins and exotic vegetables filled the Lumini Shopping Center last weekend. The Fair of Domestic Products brought together manufacturers who also offered local aronia juice, honey products, flowers, but also interesting wooden toys and magnets and creative handmade jewelry.

In addition to touring the stores and procuring autumn outfits, the visitors were also able to purchase home-made products for the family lunch and well as prepare the pantry for the cold weather that follows. Their local products were offered to visitors by the butcher shop Jagušić, OPG Gotić, OPG Drk, OPG Punek, OPG Marija Popović, OPG Mirica Kukec and OPG Blažeković, Inter AG and Chiara Art by Arsen.

The fair attracted many visitors on both days, and it was especially fun on Saturday when the children and the Twister playroom team celebrated Halloween. The magical Twister Bundevgrad housed the atrium of the center, with little participants hanging out with Twister pumpkins all afternoon, participating in workshops, learning pumpkin golf skills and decorating their cute faces with Halloween motifs. There was also a theatre show for the little ones that took them to the forest world where they learned a lot of interesting facts about healthy eating with animals in a particularly fun way


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