Lumini - Shopping center

Low battery? Charge your mobile phone on chargers in Lumini!

To help you spend your shopping and leisure time at Lumini Shopping Center carefree, a mobile phone charger is installed on the Info Desk of the center, where you can charge your batteries free of charge!

If your cell phone battery is low and you have not yet made the planned purchase, you no longer have to worry about it, as mobile phone chargers are available at the Lumini Center. Look for them on the Info Center Desk and store your device for recharging with a few simple steps.

The charger contains six lockers and each locker has three built-in charging cables – Apple Lightning cable, Micro USB Cable and USB-C cable, which means charging is enabled for all smartphones. Safe and simple.

The charger will do its job and your device will await you safely – with full battery!

Instructions for using the charger are located on the device itself, and for any additional questions, please contact the staff at the Info desk.



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