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French chic and timeless denim look chosen by Ana Bacinger

There came a time of year when layering is more than less.

With each new season, new doubts come: what is currently ‘in’ and will remain popular in the years to come? Timeless pieces are what we all strive for because we will always look modern, without the need to constantly buy dresses, jackets and coats. Elegance is always on the price, and fashion blogger Ana Bacinger, who is the new face of our autumn collections, knows this best.

To make it easier for you to create your own capsule collection, fashion blogger from Varaždin with an unmistakable, playful style, has chosen two stylings that you will not go unnoticed with – for years.

French chic – ooh la la!

Buy look: vest s. Oliver 479 kn, Sinsay jacket 149,90 kn, Orsay miniskirt 219,90 kn, Orsay bag 129,90 kn, Benetton beret 149 kn and H&M boots 199 kn

Timeless denim and casual style never go out of fashion

Buy look: C&A overalls 299,90 kn, Benetton bag 299 kn, Skechers sneakers 529 kn and Ghetaldus sunglasses (Klisab) 849 kn


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