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Ana Bacinger has selected wonderful pieces for a trendy business look

Spring has brought new collections to the Lumini Shopping Centre and our fashion stylist and influencer has singled out key pieces for a modern business look

The face of the Lumini Shopping Centre, fashion stylist and blogger Ana Bacinger, did not miss the opportunity to immediately check out the new spring collections of world-renowned brands that have arrived to the Lumini Shopping Centre.

Having already singled out pieces for a romantic spring styling, Ana is now demonstrating how to pull off a trendy business look. Business elegance hasn’t had to be strict for some time now and playing around with casual pieces is allowed.

A couple of years back, the sneakers-suit combo might have been perceived as weird, but is now considered more than desirable, as we are increasingly coming to appreciate comfort. With her trendy business look, that combines the best of the two worlds – elegance and comfort – Ana has shown that just because something is comfortable, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a part of a formal outfit.

Trendy look for the brave

Ana Bacinger x Lumini

 Buy the look: Bershka suit (jacket 299,90 kn, trousers 199,90 kn), Scotch&Soda cotton sweater 599 kn (Europa 92), Nike sneakers 849 kn (Buzz), New Yorker bag 129 kn, Tom Ford sunglasses 2.920,00 kn (Ghetaldus)

Women’s suits have never been more popular, and the same can be said for the plaid pattern and stripes, and when they all come together we get a gorgeous suit that looks really great! Don’t think that a suit must have a strict business appearance, because, as we have already pointed out, playing with fashion is highly desirable this spring.

With a graphic inscription T-shirt and pale pink sneakers, the look is almost complete. Ana didn’t forget the stylish sunglasses and added one of the most desirable fashion accessories: a clutch bag. Don’t be afraid to be different! Trust us, it will pay off.

 This is only a small part of the new spring collections that have arrived to the Lumini Shopping Centre, so don’t miss the opportunity to freshen-up your wardrobe with some of the trendy pieces by world-renowned fashion brands.

And don’t forget: Stay responsible while shopping.

See you at the Lumini Centre!



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