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Look for the newly opened Ipanema store in front of the Twister playroom in the Centre’s hallway!

Grendene is the largest Brazilian footwear company, as well as one of the largest companies in the world. Its brands offered at our exhibition stand are: Ipanema, Rider, Grendha, Cartago and Zaxy.

Grendene annually manufactures approximately 190 million pairs of shoes, which it exports to over 85 countries worldwide. Extreme care is paid to environmental protection and 99% of industrial waste is recycled to demonstrate their respect for consumers, society and the planet.

The Ipanema brand is named after one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which inspired its cheerful tropical style that lends its footwear special charm.

There is something to suit every style and taste in its wide range of products, colours and designs. All Ipanema products are surprisingly comfortable owing to advanced technology used in flip flop production.

Rider is a brand intended for people who enjoy life, whether by taking long walks or relaxing on the beach. Their products are constantly adapting to new trends, they are a leader in new technologies, and their models are diverse, ranging from casual to sporty elegance.

Inspired by nature, sports and adventurous spirit, they are intended for all generations.

Rider’s promoters are famous athletes: Roberto Carlos, Romario, Guga Cuerten and Airton Sena.

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