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Spend an unforgettable summer in trendy pieces selected by Ana Bacinger

It may not look like it yet, but summer is knocking on our door. Get ready to welcome it in the ultimate summer look

The nights are getting longer, we go out more, the measures are relaxing, and although summer may still feel far away, it is really close. With a couple of cute summer outfits, you’ll be ready to go almost anywhere.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming about going shopping and choosing a crazy pattern for summer days all winter, or you’ve decided that this year is the one to finally start wearing silk scarves – over your shoulders in colder summer nights, as well as a part of your new hairstyle.

One thing is for sure – after a year of following fashion trends and watching pieces that you would like to be seen in during those long summer days and nights, it’s finally time to make your dreams come true.

That is why fashion influencer and the face of our Centre, Ana Bacinger, has once again decided to help you choose. After demonstrating how you can pull-off romantic boho style, it’s time for a taste of the summer …

Strappy sandals are one of the micro fashion trends – in addition to being sexy, they are also comfortable. You can surely already imagine yourself walking to the nearest beach bar in this gorgeous white model, to have a cocktail and hang out with friends. You can pair them with light and modern wide ankle-length trousers, which are this summer’s “it” piece.

This season, the orange is back in a big way, just like puff sleeves, making this blouse a perfect choice for both casual and a bit more special occasions. No look is complete without accessories – that’s why these retro sunglasses and hat will take you back to the 1970s that were marked by joy, freedom and love – everything we have now come to miss.

And last but not least – the bag that just “screams” buy me! Big enough, yet sufficiently small to keep everything you need (or will need).



Blouse: H&M 129 kn

Trousers: Varteks 489,30 kn

Shoes: Bershka 149,90 kn

Hat: H&M 79,90 kn

Sunglasses: Ghetaldus/Celine 2.550 kn

Bag: Orsay 120 kn


This is only a small part of the offer from the collections of world-renowned fashion brands that you can find in the stores in the Lumini Shopping Centre, so hurry up and find the “IT” pieces for the perfect summer look!

And don’t forget: stay responsible while shopping!

See you at the Lumini Centre!

*Stores in the Lumini Centre reserve the right to change their prices. The prices are provided for information purposes only. Stores in the Lumini Centre reserve the right to change their product range and offer, and by extension, the time availability of items.

Photos are not necessarily identical to the actual appearance of the products.


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