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Stylish city summer look by Ana Bacinger

Finding the perfect balance between a cool summer look and clothes that won’t make you hot is a “struggle” that every woman faces with the beginning of summer. That’s why Ana showed us a cool city summer look to enjoy the hot days ahead

Summer came and so have the high temperatures. We hope most of you will soon hit the beaches or swimming pools or head for the great outdoors in search of hidden places where you can freshen up and escape from the city bustle.

Enjoying the summer should not be marred by constant “digging” through the closet looking for suitable clothes and footwear that won’t make you too hot. The official beginning of the summer is the perfect time to switch your wardrobe to “high temperature” mode. When you focus on the right pieces, you can start building your summer look that you will be able to wear until the cooler autumn days.

When you look good, you feel good, and enjoying the summer is a lot easier. It’s possible to beat the summer heat and still look great. The face of our Centre, fashion influencer and stylist Ana Bacinger knows this. Having recently singled out pieces for  an unforgettable summer, Ana decided to show you the key pieces for a stylish urban summer look in which you will look and feel cool.

With the arrival of summer, we are transitioning to cheerful colours and light materials. That is why we bring you this wonderful short orange jumpsuit – a fantastic choice for a walk around the city and coffee, as well as for the beach. As the sun is getting hotter, we have to protect our eyes and face, and with these sunglasses and hat, you will not only be protected, but also get a stylish summer look.

We mustn’t forget about jewellery, and a tasteful necklace will give that final touch to the entire look, especially in combination with a bucket knitted bag for all the little things we need. And lastly, we have strappy sandals with block heel, which both look great and are comfortable. Your perfect city summer look is complete!



Jumpsuit: Bershka 199,90 kn

Necklace: Sinsay 30,00 kn

Hat: C&A 79,90 kn

Bag: Sinsay 89,90 kn

Sandals: Sinsay 129,90 kn

Sunglasses: Ghetaldus, Moschino, 890 kn


This is only a small part of the offer from the collections of many world-renowned fashion brands that you can find in the stores of the Lumini Shopping Centre.

To brighten up your summer, we have prepared a prize game “Long hot summer” on our Facebook page, where you can win a gift voucher worth 1,000 kuna every week until August 21! All information are available at LINK.

And don’t forget, stay responsible while shopping.

See you in the Lumini Centre!

*Stores in the Lumini Centre reserve the right to change their prices. The prices are informative only. Stores in the Lumini Centre reserve the right to change their product range and offer, as well as the time availability of certain products. Photos are not necessarily identical to the actual product.

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