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Autumn has brought new trendy collections. Embrace it!

Come to the Lumini Centre and check out what the world-renowned fashion brands have prepared for the entire family

We are leaving the summer behind and embarking on an exciting autumn! While we will miss the long, sunny days, flowing summer dresses, buckets of ice cream and a more relaxed rhythm, it’s time to welcome the autumn! And is there a better way to do that than to update your wardrobe? New autumn/winter 2021 collections have arrived to the Lumini Shopping Centre and it’s time for shopping!

If there ever was a time when we needed an infusion of fun, then it’s this autumn. Neutral colours have dominated fashion for the past several seasons, but catwalks are starting to reflect the growing optimism. We’re in for lots of vivid colours and feel free to choose by the motto “the more colourful, the better”. Wear one colour from head to toe for the popular monochrome look, to get the maximum effect. Do you like yellow? Of course! Cobalt blue? Why not!

Of course, there are also knitted pieces that we adore in the autumn. In addition to being warm, they look fantastic, and are a great choice for the transition period and layered clothing that are the feature of this season.

There are also the inevitable turtlenecks, as well as jeans that are returning big style. Patterns are still “in”, so don’t be afraid to buy animal pattern pieces. The selection is huge: from leopards to zebras, everything goes this autumn. In addition to irresistible fashion novelties, new collections always make room for favourite autumn classics such as raincoats and leather jackets.

New collections have brought trendy pieces to the Lumini Centre, perfect for imaginative autumn combinations. Bring the entire family along and find the best fashion expression for yourself and the little fashionistas.

Come and check out what the world-famous fashion brands have prepared for you. Thank you autumn for bringing new autumn collections to the Lumini Shopping Centre!

Walk into autumn with style!


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