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In the dm shop in the Lumini Centre, an eco filling facility for liquid detergents has been installed

Participate in environment preservation with conscious and easy refilling of BIO liquid detergents in the dm eco filling facility

Did you know you can fill the adequate packaging with liquid BIO detergents in our dm shop now? Simple, convenient and well thought-out shopping is the novelty that contributes to preservation of the Earth in small steps. Just bring along the Planet Pure bottle and fill it.  Using the filling facility can save as much as 70% of plastic, while the detergents themselves are made from pure power of plants and are 100% biodegradable. The packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic or sustainable raw materials, which you will be able to fill during each next purchase of Planet Pure BIO liquid detergents.

The bottles have the volume of 1 litre in case of the dishwashing detergent, while those for laundry washing one are of 1.5 litre and only those can be used for filling. Each bottle is used for an adequate detergent so that the bottle with the purple label is filled with the liquid detergent for coloured clothes, the bottle with the green label is filled with the universal detergent, while the bottle with the blue label is filled with the sensitive liquid detergent. For the BIO liquid dishwashing detergent, there is only one bottle that you will recognize by its characteristic cap.

The following products are available for filling:

  • Planet Pure BIO hand dishwashing detergent, aloe vera and lime
  • Planet Pure BIO universal liquid laundry detergent, aloe vera
  • Planet Pure BIO liquid coloured clothes detergent, lavender and sage
  • Planet Pure BIO universal liquid laundry detergent, sensitive

Check for more info on the very filling facility with the sales staff in the dm branch office at the Lumini Centre.

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