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Free: Traditional games with Twister

Learning and playing go hand in hand! Therefore, playroom Twister for school on Saturday and Sunday, 1 and 2 September prepared the program Back to Old School Twister inspired by the childhood of our grandparents.

For the new school year, children can warm up in two places in the Lumini Shopping Center – in front of the playroom and near info desk. Participation is free, and their works can take home. With creative workshops, children also can expect fun games.


Saturday, 1 September from 16 to 19 hours

Creative workshops:

  • making a whirligig
  • knitting a butterfly wool
  • flower coloring

Games and competitions:

  • race with eggs
  • rope withdrawal
  • marbles
  • Gumy-Gumy
  • face and hand painting with ethno samples

Sunday, 2 September from 16 to 19 hours

Creative workshops:

  • making mahogany and wool angels
  • making “zvecka”
  • traditional coloring

Games and competitions:

  • jumping into a sack
  • transfer to a basket
  • black queen – one, two, three
  • Gumy-Gumy
  • faces and hand paintings

An attractive program will round off children’s music and delicious gingerbreads.

PS. Click to view the Back to School offer at the Lumini Center.

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