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Get the best summer savings at Lumini

We’ve finally arrived at the same day in the year. That means summer is here! This is when the early morning coffees are happening on sunny terraces and late drinks in the city streets. The many festivals, summer music events and the soon annual holidays are the reason we all feel a lot better.

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If you’ve been working out to get that figure, now is the time it will pay off. But if you haven’t been – don’t worry because you can still make it, if you want to. Summer is the time when we wake up in the morning sunlight and relax along with the happy sounds – whether it’s the crickets or city bustle.

Make the decision and try out something new – if you like white colours, throw away that ‘safe’ colour and get into some pastel shades which are currently dominating the fashion scene. If you’re always in cotton pants, perhaps it’s time for a playful spotty dress or puffed sleeves, and the braided bag is always in for the beach or a walk through the town.

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To get through the summer with the proper accessories and even more ready, we’ve prepared hot summer sales which you shouldn’t miss!

You’ll find in our many stores proper summer delicacies, with discounts of up to 80%.

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