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Guidelines for safe shopping

Our everyday life became very different very quickly. The Corona virus has introduced new rules of behavior into our lives, turning everyday and routine tasks into a potential contagion risk. This is why it is important that, now more than ever, we behave according to the recommended measures to prevent and reduce the spread of the virus. In particular, these measures must be honored when shopping.

All open shops at Lumini Shopping Center have taken the necessary preventive measures. Enhanced hygiene and sanitary measures, disinfection of cash registers and shops are carried out and all employees wear protective masks and gloves. We ask customers to comply with the same measures.

To make everyday shopping as easy and risk-free as possible, here are some safe shopping guidelines for you.

Disinfect your hands

At the entrance to the Lumini center, as well as at the entrances of individual shops, you can find disinfectants intended for all visitors. Use them at the entrance and exit of the shops. In addition, avoid touching your face as well as touching groceries you do not intend to buy.

2 meters apart

The measure of social distance requires a minimum of 2 meters as the distance between 2 people. Respect this measure especially when shopping in stores. The shops themselves marked the required distance at the checkout, but maintain the distance with other customers as you move around the store.

Solo shopping

The measure of social distance also includes shopping independently. Family shopping is always fun, but we recommend avoiding collective shopping.

List of groceries

Make a list with your family members of the groceries you need before going to the store. The list will make it easier and faster to shop, but also help to buy everything you need to avoid going to the store again.

Buy as much as you need

Although the uncertainty of the situation gives us a drive to survive, there really is no need to create large groceries supplies. All stores are regularly stocked and there is no fear of stock shortages.

Shop for groceries and other necessities without having to create large household supplies, as this will make the product available to other customers.

The Lumini Center invites all customers to follow the recommended precautionary measures when making a purchase.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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