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Tips for safer shopping in corona times

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Our everyday life has completely changed. Coronavirus has introduced new rules of behaviour into our lives and brought us the “new normal”. That is why it is important that, now more than ever, we observe the recommended measures to prevent and reduce the spread of the disease.

To make everyday shopping as simple as possible, here are some guidelines for safer shopping:

Disinfect your hands

At the entrance to the Lumini Centre, as well as at the entrances to individual stores, you can find disinfectants intended for all visitors. Use them when entering and exiting the stores. In addition, avoid touching your face, as well as touching any products you do not intend to buy.

Stay two meters apart

The social distancing measure prescribes minimum distance of 2 meters between people. Observe this measure especially while in stores. The stores themselves have marked the required distance on the floor in front of their cash registers, but you are also advised to keep the required distance from other customers while moving around the store.

Go shopping when it is less crowded

If you type in the name and location of a store into Google search, the search engine will often indicate the times when the store is most crowded. Try to go at a time when there aren’t that many people.

Pay attention to how frequently you touch the products

Avoid touching items in the stores whenever possible. It may not always be easy, especially if you need to come closer to the product to read the label. Try not to touch the products unless you intend to buy them. That way, if you happen to be infected, you reduce the risk of transmitting the virus by hand and food packaging.

Be safe while paying

Many stores encourage customers to use a credit or debit card or contactless payment methods to reduce the risk of their coming into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. So don’t forget to take the card with you and use it to pay where possible. If you have to use cash or a keyboard to pay, use a hand disinfectant as soon as possible.

The Lumini Centre urges all customers to observe the recommended preventive measures during shopping.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Let’s stay responsible while shopping.

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