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The new Varteks is based on individualization, interpretation of the ordinary and the familiar in an unusual, different and fresh character that each piece gets when it comes into the hands of its new owner. The new collection is intended for everyone who loves a sophisticated and thoughtful look, those who enjoy fashion and consider it a necessary part of everyday life and do not want to “make mistakes” when choosing clothes. The collection allows intuitive dressing for anyone who discovers it because it is composed of a series of bold pieces that can be combined with each other or with what you already have in your wardrobe.

Although Varteks is known for its formal clothing, the idea of ​​the freedom of the individual to push the boundaries of the conventional and to express himself through the clothing he chooses is at the heart of the new spring and summer collection.

The collection is divided into four key capsules that play with different opposites and demonstrate freedom; denim, indigo pieces, vibrant neon colours and prints. Thus denim, as a rough working material, was used for formal attire and elegant cuts, while traditional cuts were combined with modern patterns.

What has remained unchanged in the new Varteks collection are product quality and the fact that Varteks is still distinctive in that we choose it when we want a great formal look, whether for work or for a special occasion.

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