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The idea that pervades the entire Varteks’ Autumn-Winter 2021/22 collection is the juxtaposition of the spaciousness of minimalism and the character of maximalism.

Varteks’ collections play with opposites, and that play brings forth wonderful pieces: brave, yet conservative, strong, yet restrained. There is room for an entire universe of ideas and possibilities between the two extremes. Varteks took a plunge into that universe.

The Autumn-Winter 2021/22 collection consists of several smaller, stylistically connected, capsule collections. Special attention was paid to environmentally responsible production. Capsule collection based on sporty elegance, discreet aesthetics, comfort and refined lines is, for example, contrasted by a mini collection inspired by the French BonBon style, characterized by bold models in the colour of the fuchsia. For those who prefer bold fashion choices, there is a collection that combines simple forms with daring geometric patterns in picturesque colours and washed-out retro prints that pay tribute to the long gone fashion decades. Those who prefer the sophisticated look will simply adore the pieces inspired by the Art Nouveau era and Hollywood glamour of the 1960s.

Shopping center Lumini
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