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BIPA is a drugstore that guarantees, promises and creates excellent opportunities in the form of good products, good prices and an excellent purchasing experience. You can find all that your need at any of our stores for the perfect appearance and brilliantly clean home.

We continually endeavour to fulfil all the wants of our customers, depicted by the wide range of products found on our shelves. Everyone who comes into BIPA will surely find something they need from among the almost 8,000 items from international brands.

BIPA has everyone in mind – women, men, children, pets and your home.

In addition to numerous brands, BIPA has created its own brand products for customers, offering the best price and quality relationship.

BIPA’s proprietary brands include LOOK BY BIPA, Clever, ZooRoyal, TODAY, BABYWELL and B.STYLED.

LOOK BY BIPA is make-up accessories for young beauty queens. Clever includes products for the whole family, including pets. ZooRoyal offers a wide range of quality products at affordable prices for your four-legged friends. It includes dry foods and various wet foods, as well as tasty morsels and treats for pets. TODAY offers an entire concept of care for the body, hair and face and products for sunbathing, men’s care, including a comprehensive program for oral hygiene. BABYWELL is the gentlest care available for infants. A large selection of children’s cosmetics at affordable prices. B.STYLED is an assortment of socks and stockings in various colours and DENs.

Besides the wide range, BIPA also rewards customer loyalty and gives BIPACards offering numerous benefits for its members.

Your BIPACard means certain benefits, lower prices for a large number of specially marked products at the store. Also, for each 50 kn spent, BIPA will reward you by adding 1 kn directly to your BIPACard. The amounts in kuna currency are credited in the first quarter and spent in the next.

BIPA gives away a birthday coupon with a 15% discount on entire purchases (besides PRE infant milk, 1 and Sensitive) which can be used at any of our stores.

You can find more information at or call the free phone 0800 20 20 30.

Shopping center Lumini

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