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Children’s playroom ‘Twister’

Great panda Twister mascot Twister, welcomes you to the inexhaustible source of children’s entertainment! 

For as much as 600 square meters of space you can expect modern toys specifically designed for attractive, but safe children play. There is a cage for football, trampoline climbing, polygon with roundabouts and slides and multitude of thematic and interactive content. While playing, your child is taking care by trained educators. To the Twister babysiters you can with full confidently leave the safety of your children.

Twister workshops

We play and learn! Twister is organizing creative thematic workshops. All the workshops are performed under the expert guidance, with a limited number of participants.

Twister birthday celebrations

We celebrate with you! Crazy fun is guaranteed with disco lights, pirates, cowboys, indians and cartoon characters. Absolutely everything is possible! There are three birthday celebrations rooms for the fulfillment of all desires. Prices and offers can be found here.

Twister playroom has also offer of themed birthday parties; snow-themed parties for girls and pirate party for boys!

Contact for information and reservations

Tel. 042 320 070

E – mail [email protected]

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