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Dominik zlatarnica i srebrnarnica

Dominik zlatarnica and srebrnarnica (jewEllery shop) is the place where customers can find jewellery to show their personality and mark the most important occasions.

A fascinating collection from Dominik is the collection of silver wedding rings. A large selection of models will appeal to even the most refined eye. Given that silver wedding rings can indeed celebrate eternal love, adding diamonds or other precious or semi-precious stones to it means that it certainly deserves to adorn you hand.

Also, engagement rings are one of the main jewellery items on a woman’s hand, a combination of silver elegance and sheen definitely suits the style of today’s woman.

There are also other collections, such as oriental jewellery of various colours, distinguishable designs, and various models of jewellery incorporating precious and semi-precious stones. Earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces incorporating precious and semi-precious stones and reflecting the attitude of a steadfast and confident woman.

The collection of silver jewellery for men includes bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Every man is more than welcome into any of our stores when buying jewellery.

The Dominik jewellery store offers a rich gold jewellery collection in the well-known elegant Dominik style.

Various collections exemplifying a superb style and design will surely win over true admirers of gold jewellery, and the large collection of gold wedding rings will enthral you with their every detail and refinement.

Dominik jewellery has always been up to date with global fashion trends and it will definitely enthralled you when complementing your style.

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