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Galeb is a company founded on 30 October 1951 and today has over 300 employees. For more than 60 years, it has been integrating tradition into trends with the continual goal of meeting the needs and tastes of its customers and entering the hearts of new customers.

In the years of gaining experience and endeavouring to meet the needs of buyers in all age groups, Galeb has incorporated the Galeb, Adriatic and GLB product brands into its product program.

All three fashion labels have their own basic collection (NOS) and are presented twice a year in their fashion season collections (spring/summer and autumn/winter). The basic fashion collection contains items in basic colours (most often in white and black) for which the market has expressed continual interest. The basic collection represents the majority of sales across the entire Galeb assortment. Galeb has gone further in its season collections by tracking global fashion trends. It endeavours to offer its existing customers something new always and again, and offers to potentially new buyers a reason to become part of the large family of customers buying Galeb products.

Underwear made in Galeb has had the Oeko-tex certificate since 1997, further indicating that utilised raw products and technological processes meet strict ecological criteria.

Since February 2007, all Galeb products carry the Croatian Quality designation awarded by the Croatian Chamber of Economy. In addition to Croatian customers, many other foreign partners have become convinced of the quality of our products, given that Galeb exports about 50% of its products, primarily to Western European countries. Since 2010, Galeb men’s underwear has had the Best Buy Award.

Since January 2013, the company Galeb has possessed four ISO certificates: ISO 14001 – environmental management standard, ISO 9001 – quality management standard, OHSAS – 18001 – work safety management standard and ISO 50001 – energy management standard.

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