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GALILEO is a Croatian brand and from its founding in 2002, has had the goal of making global fashion trends accessible to men by jointly working on carefully choosing designs and quality materials. Throughout the years, the company has developed and become an indisputable market leader among men’s fashion stores.

The label offers suits, blazers, shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, shoes, watches, glasses, belts – basically everything a man needs in a single place. The Galileo concept involves combining product quality, unique designs and brand image. The brand is characterised by highly aesthetical suits, suits that further emphasise masculinity. Galileo embodies the man for the 21st century, the businessman and also dose of urban style with accentuated elegance.

Though Galileo can be characterised as a men’s business fashion brand, its fashion portfolio also offers men’s fashion for any occasion: clothing, footwear and fashion accessories for more leisure and sporting variants. Having a good men’s suit is every man’s high priority.

In adopting modern European and global business trends, as well as continually improving the quality of its work and its working environment, Galileo has today become one of the leading stores in the Adriatic region in its segment.

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