Lumini - Shopping center

Leggiero bar

Leggiero has long been synonym for top quality coffee throughout Croatia, now can in it finally enjoy people in Varaždin! Bar opened its doors in Lumini center, which has become a new favorite place to hang out for all generations. From early morning Leggiero bar with coffee serve freshly baked croissants, muffins and toast. Leggiero bar with the high quality Lavazza Tierra Coffee offers superb desserts signed by Zagreb pastry Torteria macaron.

Leggiero is especially known for its freshly squeezed natural juices Leggiero MIX, while athletes are looking forward to protein shakes that are ideal drink after training. Is a favorite place to hang out after shopping, as well as in the evening, because in the weekend is always prepared an interesting program with a promo prices of drinks.

Pleasant atmosphere certainly contributes modern design signed by Arhitektri. Special attention in every bar is added to the staff, quality of service and rich everyday offer what seems to be the recipe for a happy and permanent guests.

18th Leggiero bar opened its doors in Varazdin!

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