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Bringing your pets into the centre

Come shopping with your four-legged friend because dogs and cats are welcome at Lumini Shopping Center

Want to come shopping, and don’t want to leave your pet alone but want an escort for a more fun day? No problem because dogs and cats are welcome guests at our center, accompanied by the owner. We all know that our pets can sometimes be playful, so we have a few rules to keep everyone happy and satisfied.

It is forbidden to bring any pet other than a tame dog / cat into the center, and a person who is not legally responsible for a pet, and is younger than 18, cannot enter with pet.

As we must be responsible in shopping, so must our pets, dogs must be on a leash that must not be longer than 150 cm or must be held in the hands or in the associated bag. Cats must also be in a basket, cage, bag – wherever they prefer to stay.

Dogs whose crest is higher than 30 cm must have a muzzle, just like all dogs that belong under the category of dangerous dogs. The dog’s crest mark is highlighted on the info desk.

Please read the entire Policy on bringing, moving and staying pets and other animals before coming to the center.

The Lumini shopping center is pet friendly, but we ask all pet owners to adhere to the house rules and to respect that, in case they fail to do so, they can be asked to leave the center.

We wish your pets and you a pleasant stay in the Lumini Shopping Center.

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