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Planet Obuća

Planet obuća is the largest Croatian footwear retail centre offering the greatest selection of seasonal footwear, including premium leather products and school footwear. Its very own production and distribution of footwear has enabled Planet obuća to become a popular Croatian brand that combines quality, effective product marketing and affordable prices. A major part of the assortment comprises its own proprietary brands. Shoelala, Nina Fashion, Nina Exclusive, Nina Collectin, Ella and Elen are brands of their women’s footwear, Bruno Bruni and Tiziano are men’s footwear brands, while Elviton and Et are sports footwear, with Tofi and Elena for children.

Besides domestic brands, Planet obuća also offers a wide assortment of renowned European footwear. Continually following trends and events on the world fashion scene enables Planet obuća to always provide its loyal customers with up-to-date models at the most affordable prices and best service.

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