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S.Oliver is far more than just a fashion brand. Our products shape the lifestyle of an individual and the whole family, while taking into account their needs and desires. This way, in fashion, reflects the spirit of the time we live in. In store s.Oliver customers can choose between three lines: s.Oliver RED LABEL, sOliver BLACK LABEL and QS designed by. There is also an indispensable line for children, with the s.Oliver Junior, offering clothing, footwear and fashion accessories for the whole family and all ages.

S.Oliver features are recognizable lines, creativity, dynamism, and focus on the future. S.Oliver is fashionable for everybody, clothes for every day and for any occasion. That’s our mission and the secret of our success.

QS collections designed by are trendy and urban. The focus is on denim products, in its collections it also offers clothes that are worn by jeans: T-shirts with interesting prints, pullovers and dresses.

Line s.Oliver RED LABEL features are recognizability, creativity, dynamism and future orientation. S.Oliver’s clothes are made of high quality materials and special attention is paid to the design and detail. In addition to clothing for business and festive occasions, there is also a casual, sport-elegant outfit. The collections complement each other and they are easily to combine.

The prestigious line s.Oliver BLACK LABEL features are exquisite materials and elegant designs, designed for business women and men who are up to elegance and quality. Each line has 12 collections a year so the latest fashion trends are certainly represented. The collections follow each other so you can easily complement your wardrobe. Fashion accessories such as handbags, straps, wallets, scarves, scarves and shoes make your styling perfect.

Child collection s.Oliver offers 3 different lines for different age groups. The baby line offers up to two years of age, the Kids line is intended for children up to 6 years of age. The youth line already closely monitors fashion trends in the adult world and adjusts them to the child’s rhythm of life. Lines per year have 12 collections. The collections are trendy and modern. There are also fashion accessories such as belts, scarves, hats, caps, scarves, gloves, umbrellas and sports bags.

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