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Tvornica Zdrave Hrane

After having opened five stores, the well-known brand of bio food stores called Tvornica Zdrave Hrane (health food factory) has succeeded in opening another one at the Varaždin Lumini shopping centre.

Besides the well-known super foodstuffs, the team at Tvornica also offers health advice and innovative recipes. In addition to their own Nutrigold brand, you can also find on the store shelves at the Lumini centre an range of gluten-free products, protein supplements, vegan foodstuffs and foodstuffs for diabetics, and a lot of healthy answers to all your questions.

After many years of interest and making purchases on the online shop, customers living in Varaždin can now find Tvornica Zdrave Hrane at the Lumini centre.

Shopping center Lumini

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