Gift voucher- the best gift for any occasion

Gift voucher- the best gift for any occasion

Looking for the ideal gift for all occasions? We have it! With a Lumini Center gift voucher, you are giving an unforgettable shopping of the choice of the person you give it to.

Whether you are buying a gift for your loved ones, a little something for friends or business partners, a gift voucher is the perfect gift because it brings joy and makes their wishes come true. By donating a gift voucher, you make it possible to choose from more than 40 shops of the Lumini Center.

Gift voucher are offered in specially designed free envelopes, and you can buy them in denominations of EUR 20 and 40 at the Information Point in the Center.

For additional information about gift voucher, call 042 209 516 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

The gift voucher can be used within 6 months from the date. Gift certificates cannot be exchanged for money, nor can the difference between the value of the gift voucher and the amount of the bill paid with it be refunded. The gift voucher must be used in one purchase, in one shopping, service or catering area in the Lumini Shopping Center.

Note: gift voucher are currently not redeemable in the following: Konzum, Iqus, CineStar, Pepco, Rebuy Stars, Leggiero, Bershka, La Turka, Accessori Donna and Tisak.

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