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Ghetaldus optika

Ghetaldus optika was founded way back in 1957 and today is the largest optical company on the Croatian market, whose core values are expertise, high quality service and trust.

Ghetaldus optika

Ghetaldus optika

In about 90 branches in Croatia, the number of which is still growing, you can find the largest selection of glasses to correct vision, sunglasses and contact lenses of all the world’s most famous brands, and recently this offer has also been introduced on the Slovenian market.

The quality assurance of Ghetaldus’ offer is primarily reflected in highly educated experts, the world’s best equipment both for diagnosing vision defects and for making glasses, and more than 80 optical and ophthalmological-optical centers throughout Croatia where free eyesight tests are performed on a daily basis.

Tradition in symbiosis with the continuous adoption of new world technologies and knowledge ensure that Ghetaldus optika will continue to play a leading role on the market in the future.

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