Twister fun park

Twister is the largest chain of children's playrooms in Croatia, which has been bringing smiles to children's faces for many years.

Twister fun park

Twister fun park

In the Twister playroom, children can have the best fun every day and unforgettable children’s birthday parties!

The Twister playroom and nursery is intended for children from 1 to 12 years old. Children over the age of 4 can stay on their own to play while cheerful and educated Twister animators are taking care of them, and children under the age of 4 play accompanied by an adult.

Cool Twister birthday packages include everything to give little celebrants a day they’ll remember for a lifetime, and themed parties will make every child’s dream come true.

With membership cards, the game is the most affordable! Take advantage of the possibility to buy monthly, semi-annual and annual cards for your daily Twister game.

Enjoy carefree shopping while your children have fun safely in Twister with the best animators and numerous attractions!

The playroom is open from Monday to Sunday.

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