Come shopping with your four-legged friend, because dogs and cats are welcome at the Lumini Shopping Center

Are you planning to go shopping, but you don’t want to leave your pet alone because you would rather have more fun and spend the day together? No problem, dogs and cats are welcome guests in our Center. We all know that our pets can be playful sometimes, so we have a few rules to keep everyone happy and satisfied.

It is forbidden to bring any pet except a tame dog/cat into the Center, and a person who is not legally responsible for the pet and is under the age of 18 cannot enter.

Going shopping is an event that affects other people, so just like us, our pets must be polite and attentive to others. That is why dogs must be kept on a leash that must not be longer than 150 cm, held in the hands or in the corresponding bag. Cats must also be in a basket, cage, bag – wherever they prefer to stay.

Dogs with a crest higher than 30 cm must have a muzzle, as do all dogs that are categorized as dangerous dogs. The dog crest mark is displayed at the Information Point.

Before coming to the Center, please read the Regulations.

The Lumini Shopping Center is pet friendly, and in order for your visit with pets to be stress-free, we ask pet owners to comply with the Regulations. In case of non-compliance and good behavior, we will ask you to take your pet home or to nature. 🙂

We wish pets and their owners a pleasant stay at the Lumini Center.