dm-drogerie markt is one of the largest drugstore chains in Central and Southeastern Europe. I 1973. In 1973, the first dm store was opened in Germany (Karlsruhe), in 1976, the first dm store in Austria (Linz), and in 1996, the first dm store in Croatia (Zagreb).



Today, dm is represented with 157 branches and 17 dm stores (including the Lumini Center) offering over-the-counter medical products throughout Croatia. The administrative and distribution center in Zagreb is the center for the whole of Croatia, as well as the connection to the neighboring countries in Southeastern Europe.

dm’s assortment includes more than 16,200 drugstore products from health and beauty, baby food and care, household, photo services and an additional assortment such as pet food, textiles and seasonal products.

The broad selection of drugstore items is complemented by 23 dm brands which over body care, cosmetics, hygiene, health, household, children, textile care, photos and pets.

Natural cosmetics and healthy food make a significant difference in the offer.

In nineteen dm stores in Croatia, customers can also find a specialized department of over-the-counter medical products as well as dermocosmetic products and dietary supplements.

The employed professional staff are always at your disposal and will help you with their experience and advice.

In all our departments of over-the-counter medical products, we daily offer the service of free measurement of the body’s vitamin-mineral status.